Real Estate Services

We provide a wide variety of services to help you gain more attention on your listing. We use only the best equipment, techniques, software, tech, and tricks to ensure your property gets the most virtual attraction. 

We are the ONLY listed Certified Zillow Photographer in Altus, Duncan, Elgin, Lawton, and even Wichita Falls. Our relationship with Zillow allows your listing to premier more with certain services at no additional cost.


Ditch that cell phone and get it done with a professional photographer who ONLY specializes in shooting real estate.

We pay attention to the details. No more blown out windows, grey skys, or horrible lawns. We take care of it all while ensuring we abide by the MLS guidelines.

Virtual Staging

Vacant properties often pull potential from customers and staging fee's cost a TON or are not available in your area. For a fraction of the cost of our competitors, you can liven up that listing with realistic results and give it the attention it deserves.

Video Walkthroughs

Want to make a statement? Ordering a Video Walkthrough is a sure way to establish that barrier between you and your competition. 

We have a special relationship with Zillow and can upload a "branded video" on your behalf. See how this can IMPACT your listings!

Twilight Photography

This is a sure way to accent those homes with dream like qualities. Got a pool, a house on the lake, or a luxury listing with lots of landscape? This is for you!

Aerial Photography

Got a property with some land? How about a unique home that you want a different perspective on?

We got UPS! This add on is a sure eye grabber and says... Let's sell this house!


Floor plans provide transparency to see the layout of a property, and give a realistic perspective of the space within.

This is a great tool to add on that the other 99 listings don't.

3D Virtual Tours

Tired of doing property visits with customers who are "kind of interested" but not really...? 


Save time on the front line by ordering a 3D Virtual Tour. This allows your customers to be there without "being there."


We offer a 2 Tiered Photography Service depending on your needs. We understand that it may not always make sense go "all-out" on a listing and that's why we offer the HDR technique. It is important to note that both services utilize the same skills, concepts, delivery methods, camera, lens, and number of delivered shots. The only difference between the two is the technique and type of edit.

In our Basic Package we utilize the HDR method. We take 5+ shots of the same image at different exposures and let the our software do most of the editing. This eliminates most shadows, decreases sharp highlights, and averages the colors. If you want a "quick and dirty" but still want crisp wide angle shots that aren't blown out, this is a great plan!


Our second technique called the Standard Package requires a lot more attention to detail to bring out the best of your images. We incorporate a special flash shot and manually blend the images together creating a more realistic, clean, designer feel. We also add in fire to all fireplaces, images on televisions, lawn repair/replacements, sky swaps, and 1-2 external pole photography shots that give a wonderful different point of view that no one else can top. 

See below for examples:

Added benefit with Standard Package: Flash Blend, deeper window pull (more clear), Image on TV and Fire in fireplace.

Added benefit with Standard Package: Flash Blend, Deeper window pull (more clear), more accurate colors, brighter shadows

Video Walkthroughs

You've seen them... the horrible attempts to do video walkthrough on a cell phone. Leave your cell phones in your pocket and let us do the dirty work. We use only the best equipment to record ultra smooth video with a modern twist to grab your customers attention. We use cinematic shots with some fresh transitions.

We offer 2 types of Video Walkthroughs:

Exclusive Zillow Video Walkthrough - Listings on Zillow with a video although attached are showcased prioritized higher. Buyers searching for homes will see these first. We utilize special stabilizers, wide angle lenses, and our filming skills to produce and deliver a quality product that best represents the property. These videos are limited to 2 minutes, have no sound, and require the listing agents approval.

Branded Video Walkthrough - Want to make a statement? Got a property that needs showcased? Need that extra edge to separate you from your competitors? A branded Video Walkthrough is a bold way of to get the attention a property deserves. We use only the best equipment including drone, large gimbals, and modern editorial approach that is a show stopper. 

We have a special relationship with Zillow that allows us to post a Branded Video Walkthrough right on their platform. Post it on your website, you, your agencies social platforms and watch the views soar!

Here is one quick example:

Zillow 3D Home Tours

Zillow has recently released their 3D Home Tours Platform all across America and Canada. Give yourself more time on the frontline by ordering a Zillow 3D Home Tour on your next listing. 

Proprietary you say? Nope... with our account we can give you a direct link that you can share outside of the Zillow listing your self and post you your website or social media separately! We can even give you an embedded code too that allows you to put it right on your own website without having to go to

Click here for an example of how you can use the direct link for Zillow 3D Home Tour

Or use the embed code to put within the platform of your own website - Shown below:

Aerial Photography / Videography

Our professional drone services provide stunning aerial footage including images, video, and panoramas to showcase your residential property from a unique perspective in the sky. Perfect for showing the surrounding neighborhood, viewing large properties, and providing context to nearby amenities and features.


We offer fast and professional aerial photography services at competitive pricing that fits your business needs for that perspective that sells.

dmp -107 debra dr-30.jpg
DMP-3917 Pilgrim-1.jpg

Virtual Staging

Virtually staged homes look better than empty lifeless homes and if your work is selling properties you can benefit a lot from staging. Demonstrate the property everyone desires and do it with virtual home staging services. Oh... and at a fraction of the cost of the other guys!

Twilight Photography

Make your listing exceptional with a stunning evening shoot! Twilight photography is the perfect way to highlight a great city skyline, waterfront views, decorative lighting, or a fantastic outdoor entertaining space. Capture a beautiful sunset or a lighted pool under a starry sky to leave potential buyers with an unforgettable image.



Don't leave your future buyers guessing the actual layout. Adding FloorPlans to your package simply can be the difference between uncertainty and Sold!

DMP - 01 FloorPlan.jpg