Crash Pad Lodging Services

Crash Pads are gaining more and more popularity throughout the Military. What was once a low competitive market is quickly growing into a fierce line of business. 

The best way to STAND OUT is by showcasing your property with professional marketing products where customers won’t want to look anywhere else.

No matter your marketing budget we have a plan that will work for you.



Ditch that cell phone and get it done with a professional photographer who ONLY specializes in shooting properties.

Personalized Marketing

Need help using our media you purchased to promote your listing(s)? We will work with you in creating a custom embedded webpage to display all your listing details in a clean, flowing, and modern format. We also can create custom flyers, social media posts, sales lead forwarding, and more! 

Branded Video Walkthrough

Want to make a statement? Ordering a Video Walkthrough is a sure way to establish that barrier between you and your competition. 

Give your customers a better vibe and flow of the property that photos don't.

3D Virtual Tours

Let your customers be there without "being there" This add on will make your property VIRTUALLY IMPOSSIBLE to give up.

Floor Plans

Floor plans allow the customer to see the layout of the property and get an idea of where everything is at before arrival.

This is a great tool to add on that 19/20 listings don't.


Depending on your needs and budget, we provide two types of photography services, both of which use the same skills, concepts, delivery methods, camera and lens. The only difference the two is the technique and the type of edit.

In our Professional Package we utilize the HDR method. We take 5+ shots of the same image at different exposures and let the our software do most of the editing. This eliminates most shadows, decreases sharp highlights, and averages the colors. If your on a budget and still want crisp wide angle shots that aren't blown out, this is a great plan!


Our second technique called the Designer Package requires a lot more attention to detail to bring out the best of your images. We incorporate a special flash shot and manually blend the images together creating a more realistic, clean, designer feel. We also add in fire to all fireplaces, images on televisions, lawn repair/replacements, sky swaps, and 1-2 external pole photography shots that give a wonderful different point of view that no one else can top. 

See below for examples:

Added benefit with Designer Package: Lawn Repair, Sky Swap.

Added benefit with Designer Package: Shot from 14' in the air (Pole Photography), Sky Swap, and Lawn Repair

Added benefit with Designer Package: Flash Blend, deeper window pull (more clear), Image on TV and Fire in fireplace.

Added benefit with Designer Package: Flash Blend, Deeper window pull (more clear), more accurate colors, brighter shadows

Video Walkthrough

Leave your cell phones in your pocket and let us do the dirty work. We use only the best equipment to record ultra smooth video with a modern twist to grab your customers attention. We use cinematic shots with some fresh transitions. Check this out below.

3D Virtual Tour

Have your customers visit without visiting! What better way to showcase your listing than with a 3D Virtual Tour? This technology gives viewers a FEEL for the property that pictures, videos, and floorpans don't. Set the mark and get more booking by adding this to your order.

Floor Plans

This is where your customers are going to be spending most of their off duty time. Show them the layout so they can better understand how they can best utilize the space.

Eliminate front end questions like: Does the master have a tub or shower, what direction does my bedroom window face? Where are the bathrooms located? 

Let us create a Floorplan for you to better save you time and give your customers the information they want to know up front.

We can include this with your other Marketing Kit for a small fee.

Screen Shot 2019-04-22 at 10.13.38

Personalized Marketing

What do you do with all this Media? How do you best display it to your customers? We can help! We create branded material for you, put all your purchased media in a beautiful custom layout, and provide you with embedded  code to place on your own website.

Want more? We can do things like flyers, social media friendly posts, sales lead generations, and more! We work directly with you or your property manager to ensure you get the most attraction.

Click HERE for an example of what we can do for you!